Digital Marketing and Design Services

Clear communication with joined-up thinking.

We work across many public and private sectors including: National and local government authorities, Charitable organisations, Sport, Entertainment, Medical & Health, Real Estate & Estate Agents, Food Packaging as well as many other smaller and independent organisations.

We work closely with our clients at each step of the project with total clarity and vision.

Our complete service means that we are responsible for delivering each project to the highest standards of expectation and beyond
– always on schedule and always on budget. 

Stage 1. Initial consultation

From an outline brief and first meeting, we listen and understand exactly all that is required of us for the delivery of the project. We discuss outline budgets and the next steps.

Stage 2. Costing

With a more complete understanding of all that is required to fulfil a brief, we first formulate a written quote together with a clear description and outline approach. 

This will generally be to an agreed, fixed price whilst there are some scenarios where we might need to outline a budget. This is where additional, more in-depth costings need further exploration from approval, possibly as the result of an outline design proposal.

Stage 3. In-depth Research

Here we gather further insight and the information required to help formulate our approach; understanding of the competition, the target audience, product data or other supporting information.

We also consider; similar projects and design influence, how we can be different or disrupt the status quo. 

Stage 4. Outline Proposal (pre-production).

Creative or descriptive, our proposal forms the conversation to our approach, mapping out the full extent for delivery of the project.

This might accompany or follow an outline quote and whilst the bulk of our services are carried out in-house, additional support services are also identified at this stage. This may include more specialist – copywriting, photography, print, market testing, media training and so on.

Stage 5. Design (production)

With in-depth discussion of the proposal, this stage sets out all that is required in its final detail. 

Each stage is outlined with approval and checked for final sign-off for print, build, manufacture or post production.

Procedures are monitored and recorded electronically at each stage of the project. 

Stage 6. Print/Build/Manufacture (Post Production)

Whilst some of this work might be in-house (3D,web-build,video production), outsourced work such as print and manufacture is selected from three quotes based upon suitability to deliver; including quality, service, reliability and cost.

Before the work is placed, we will ensure that every detail is clear and understood, approved with samples and delivery timings agreed.

We keep in close communication with the external processes at all times.

Stage 7. De-Brief

After the delivery of each project we will understand how the project has been received.

Furthermore, what it has achieved in the immediate term and what else might be required to be achieved as part of an on-going process of assessment.

This is generally achieved directly with the client or through targeted monitoring depending on the type of project and specific media platform.

Stage 8. On-going Services (hosting/maintenance)

Whilst most projects are set out and delivered to a finite date and schedule, we provide on-going support in terms of web hosting and quarterly maintenance updates and report packages. 

The cost of each maintenance package is governed by the size and complexity of each individual site or digital product built. 

It is essential that all associated software is regularly updated and integrated with the site. 

We also check and report the analytics to fully understand how the site is performing and how customers are interacting with a site whilst offering suggestions for improvement.

If you have a project that you would like to discuss, please contact us and we’ll ensure that the right person responds straight away.