Ffolio. E- books from Wales

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The Books Council of Wales is a national body funded by the Welsh Government which provides a focus for the publishing industry in Wales.

Establishing a brand-new digital platform for e-books, Celf supported the BCW team with a strategy that would help to showcase e-books from Wales when launching to the wider world.

Starting with a list of names and available URL’s, Ffolio (Welsh) became the obvious choice having three meanings related to the world of books; (1) refers to a single sheet of paper, (2) the method of folding sheets of paper and (3) being the size of a complete book.

With the benefit of the lowercase double ff orthographic ligature, it helped determine the styling, font choice and additional colourways. A real gift when seeking to establish a distinctive mark whilst establishing a clear and timeless framework for showcasing the publications online.

The website was further developed by Supadu who specialise in providing custom digital products for publishers.

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