3D Modeling

CGI Medical Illustration

With over 15 years background knowledge, our experience in medical Illustration spans across many sectors of the medical industry including trauma, orthopaedic, wound care and dentistry.

Working directly with some the world's largest organisations, we operate across all aspects of the project from R&D, surgery, education, marketing, and promotion. With a clear understanding of this sector and an eye for design detail, it puts Celf as a leading company for photorealistic 
CGI medical illustration.

CGI Architectural Illustration

Working with architect’s drawings, Celf delivers engaging imagery that assists in promoting its own interior design projects as well as those of developers.

CGI Product Illustration

Photorealistic illustration can bring a 2-dimensional concept to life presenting objects with super dynamic realism whatever the material and at any given angle.

Objects can be positioned within a chosen scene or background or further animated to move. 
Representing objects this way can often prove a cost effective benefit over photography.

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Get in touch with us

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