End of an icon

It was at a meeting with the WRU at Cardiff Arms Park that the concept (with plans) for a new stadium were first unveiled in time to coordinate a bid to host the Rugby World Cup in 1999. A bid that would be presented to the Millennium Commission in London as one of the named projects to mark the turn of the new millennium.

With everything in place and signed off by Cardiff Council, all that was required was a presentation that would help communicate the spirit and the nature of the project in a document that would be presented to the Millennium Commission at the Houses of Parliament.

With an ‘M’ at its core and its iconic four masts presented in the shape of an oval rugby ball, the mark presents the immediate form of the bowl structure with a subtle nod to its main sporting purpose.

Initially, in the first presentation, the multi-colours of blue, yellow, red and green were required to reflect the Commission,
European Funding and Wales combined.

A new generation of stadia with a retractable roof and a host of new facilities, the Millennium Stadium was built as a multi-purpose venue in time to host the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

The identity was further refined to mark the stadium’s 10th anniversary and in 2015 Celf assisted to prepare a further presentation document on behalf of the WRU and Millennium Stadium that would see a commercial name to replace it.

The end of an era maybe, but for me, it will always remain, the iconic Millennium Stadium.

Millennium Stadium identity, Design Elfed Evans, 1998.

With thanks to;
Pat Thompson, Chris Thau, Glanmor Griffiths, Dr. Christine Stokes, Vici Williams and the late Vernon Pugh QC.

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