A ‘spookily clever’ design solution

S.A.Brain & Co. Open Casket Seasonal Ale

Our brief was to deliver a low run, low cost beer lens for Halloween.
Something that ‘jumped out’, being possibly illuminated or animated.
The result; lenticular printing!

Also known as holograms, lenticular printing is multi-step process where two or more images 
are sliced into strips and interlaced side by side.
The final digitally produced image is then placed or printed directly onto the back of a piece of 
pre-molded plastic with raised ‘corrugated’ ridges tor lenses.
The interlaced images are registered below the angled lenses so that when viewed they are 
individually ‘illuminated’ as they are tilted to the light.

Alternating closed eyes will view each individual image whilst both eyes will view both images creating a raised 3D effect.
Using several similar images helps to increase a motion effect so that both eyes see the slight changes when tilted.

Three slightly varying images were used when creating the motion for this beer lens animation.

Research  / Design / Print Procurement 

Design/Art Direction: Elfed Evans

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